Sunday, 20 September 2015


You journey near and far, climbing mountains, passing through valleys, meeting all the secrets nature has yet to reveal. Without asking for or owing a single thing you're taught lessons never fathomed possible. Your mind's eye travels no longer in a trajectory limited by perception, but instead embraces the unseen, the unknown, the nothing and the everything. Grateful to absorb the vividness that is those who help to keep you grounded, you take comfort in the colourful smiles, the cackles of laughter, the sincerity in their eyes and words that resonate through your skull reminding you of their and your existence. You're happy in the sense that you are blessed with such a rare reality, that you may poke and prod at whatever given time and they will gladly, albeit somewhat sleepily, heed your annoyance. But it's not enough. When is it ever enough? You're thankful with all the sincerity you're able to muster in this physical realm and in the stars and heavens and darknesses far beyond, but greed becomes you. And your search continues. Your mortifying, unrewarding and seemingly endless search. You taste the shallow sweetness and you try ever desperately to justify the lack of substance. You suffocate that unobtainable and fleeting something. But is something always better than nothing? What exactly is something?
You sit. You smile. You laugh. But at the core you're just scared and lost and looking for someone to help you keep it together. You owe it to yourself, don't you? You want to be reckless but you want to be safe. Though you know you'll never win. Until you do. But will you even notice?

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