Sunday, 2 August 2015


As the human species we are genetically wired to experience trauma but also to endure it and eventually overcome it. However, to fully overcome a trauma you need to relinquish your shitty ego, and embrace true hurt and suffering. The most petrifying thing is to be wholeheartedly vulnerable to yourself. You need to break yourself down completely, be absolutely transparent to your own mind, your thoughts and emotions and only then will you be able to rebuild, with a stronger grounding in yourself.
This is only my philosophy, so in no way am I trying to project it onto anyone - because as individuals we handle and cope with situations differently, where everyone's understanding of strength differs, but I don't think anyone should believe that embracing the fact you've been hurt is weak, or succumbing to the emotions attached to that hurt is weak. I feel people are so disconnected with themselves and afraid of their emotions that it's simply easier to react to hurt with hate. Such hate is also transferred to anyone even remotely in touch with their irrational side, where they're hastily excused as 'crazy'. Why there is a stigma attached to this only natural aspect of the human condition I don't understand. Because are we not human after all? Then there are others who, to avoid any association with such an image, are determined not to react at all. However, does that not just force us to further disconnect? Acknowledging and accepting your circumstances by no way means you're excusing the pain that a person or situation has caused you. In a way you need to let that hurt destroy you. You need to destroy that narrative of yourself first and only then can you reach and take full advantage of your liberation.

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