Friday, 3 April 2015


I did some baking the last couple of days. Kinda pleased with myself with how it all turned out.
First, I baked caramel slice. Except this time I opted for a salted caramel.
One of my favourite desserts to bake. It's just so delicious in its simplicity.
난 며칠전에 베이킹을 많이 했다~
첫째로 소금카라멜슬라이스를 만들었다

Then today I made chicken strudel with sun-dried tomato pesto, two types of cheese and spinach.
그 다음에 오늘 치킨슈트루델이랑 토마토페스토, 치즈, 시금치를 만들었다


And here's some product placement: 
여기 밑에 제품 배치입니다:


Puff pastry is the greatest thing in the world.
난 세상중에서 퍼프 페이스트리가 제일 좋은 거이라고 생각한다~ 그지?

Time to eat! Oh mum. What a cutie. 
막는 시간! 엄마~~~ 너무 귀엽네~ 

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